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Gallery of Birds

Margaret has been weaving birds for over thirty years, with her most long-lived being Peacock.  This has recently become a passion, with gardening and photography being turned, like the faces of her sunflowers to the sun, towards aiding her sharply focused weaver's eye.  In December, the Aullwood Audubon Center, outside of Dayton, Ohio, honored us with the use of their beautiful gallery space in which to debut her newest show, Birds of Ohio.

Each "Exhibit" is comprised of clothing pieces woven of a particular bird motif, ranging from standards like the Peacock to new inspiriations in one of a kind creations like Oriole.  Standards will be available to order, as usual, and existing Special pieces, as displayed, are also available for purchase.  We will update these frequently, as Margaret replaces sold pieces with new ones in the exhibits.

Do check often, and inquire with Sabine about sizes, availability, and so on...

Happy birding!