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Help With Sizes

 As every garment produced by Greentree Weaving is hand-crafted, each is unique, though we do indeed work to Margaret's specifications.  This is part of the magic of our clothing, as we are all as individual of body as we are of personality. 

This sizing chart is intended as a guide, but we find that a measuring tape is a valuable aid in achieving an accurate fit.   Please keep in mind, also, that most Greentree garments are intended to fit casually, or comfortably, rather than skin-tight, as we don't incorporate any synthetic materials in our fabric. 

When you call to place your order, Sabine will be happy to assist you with ascertaining what will work best for you, and of course our aim is to make you happy.  Call 1-800-695-0904 and allow us to carefully personalized your order.  Please only be aware that many weekends, we are working at a show or Festival, where answering the phone may be difficult for us.

Greentree A- A A+ B B+
Chest 32, 34, 36 38, 40, 42 44, 46, 48 50 50
Men's size na Small Medium Large XLarge
Women's size 6,8 8, 10, 12 14, 16 18, 20, 22 24
Collar Shirt 38" 42" 48" 52"
Boatneck 42" 50"
Long Sleeve Boatneck 48" 50"
Jacket 45" 50" 54"
Dress A- A A+ B
Dress 1 2 3 4