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Warp Report

Warp Report:  What is a warp?  The warp is the lengthwise foundation of the cloth.  I put most of my color blends into my warps and then weave with a single colored weft, or crosswise yarn or group of yarns.  I get my inspirations from things in nature, translating the colors, positioning, and proportion into the cloth.  I use weft yarns to tone the warp.  I can weave different seasons on the bare limbs warp or different times of day on the sky warp by changing the weft yarns.  I have looms 36” and 60”wide set up in the house and at Faire and I have different warps on each one.  Rectangle shawls are woven on the 36”looms and each motif requires a 36” and 60” warp to weave all the widths of cloth needed to make our garments.  The warp report is a window into my studio, revealing what cloths are possible at that time.  I would like to be able to let you all know what I’m thinking about doing in the future.  I can see ahead but I have to finish what is already started before I can do new things so WHEN is hard to predict.  However, if I have the warp set up I can weave cloth for orders until the warp is gone or the cloth is all sewn up.  I like to think of my color motifs as though they were plants in my garden.  Peacock is a perennial. Spectrum is an annual I haven’t planted again.  It takes 800 lbs. of yarn, 45 sq. ft. of warping platform and a week of set up time to be ready to spend another week beaming on a warp.  Then it is time to wind the weft yarns onto bobbins, another week for a 160 yard warp.  I often only wind enough bobbins for ten yards of cloth at a time. Ten yards fits comfortably in my washers and dryers for shrinking.  The ten yards shrinks to a little more than eight in the dryer and then I can start the cutting and sewing process.

Use this Warp Report to track what we're working on, and what is available in the way of cloth.  We certainly have more inventory at any given moment than the Warp Report alone suggests, however this chart will allow you to understand a bit more what cloth is in production for us to work with currently.  If you've been waiting for a particular color to become available, for example, this will be the place to find information.
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A Warp is what we call the roll of yarns from which we weave on the loom.  Designing a warp is where the Art happens, one yarn at a time, as Margaret builds for both color and texture of the finished textile, 'materializing' (our all-time favorite pun) a vision inspired from the natural world. 

Greentree Weaving creates warps in three sizes, to fit our three different types of loom:

A warp 30"-36" goes on our Shawl loom, from which we weave Rectangle Shawls.

Our standard 60" loom, the one you see most often for our demonstrations carries about 1400 yarns across.  This is the warp we primarily weave Ruanas on, as well as the heavier cloth for cutting (and sewing) all the styles of Jackets.

The 77" warp is the one we primarily use for our "singles" cloth, from which we build all the light-weight garments:  Arming Shirts, Collared Shirts, Bias-cut Tops, Skirts, and so on.

Warp Report

Color 36 Inch Warp 60 Inch Warp 77 Inch Warp
01 Blue Peacock 60 yd, Jan'15 160 yd, Jan'15
01.1 Black Peacock 60 yd, Jan'15 160 yd, Jan'15
02.2 Iris
03.1 Pheasant 50 yds Jan'15
03.2 Turkey Wing 50 yds Jan'15
03.5 Fall 30 yds Jan'15
04 Berries 140 yd, Jan'15
07 Silver Sands
09 Cloud 30 yds Jan'15
11 Cardinal 40 yds Jan'15 100 yds Jan'15
14 Gray Agate 55 yds Jan'15 100 yds Jan'15
15.2 Bare Limbs - Canopy 100 yds Jan'15
15.3 New Leaf 77
15.5 Bare Limbs - Shadow 100 yds Jan'15, triples only
15.9 Sky Through Branches 100 yds Jan'15
17 Sea and Sand 45 yds Jan'15 60 yds Jan'15
18.0 Canyon Sedona 36 60 77
30 Organic Cotton 30 yds Jan'15
62 Eastern Bluebird, Silk on HGWool 25 yds Jan'15
63 Purple Dragon's Wing, Silk on HGWool 25 yds Jan'15
64 Vireo, Silk on HGWool 25 yds Jan'15