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Motifs / Colors

These Motifs, inspired primarily by the beauty of nature, are woven in 100% cotton unless otherwise specified.  We try to have a full palette of colors available, but can only weave on so many looms at once (!), so check our warp availablility for additional information.  Motifs also tend to be either perrenial, meaning we'll weave it again before long when we run out, or annuals, which means that we may not want or be able to plant them repeatedly.  There will also be some Special Edition motifs which are limited in supply because of the materials used or the difficulty of weaving, and usually priced higher based on that.  Please do inquire for more information about these.


01 Blue Peacock
Royal Blue, Turquoise, Navy, Rust, and Forest Green Inspired by peacock feathers. Eye of Peacock Feathers
01.1 Black Peacock
Royal Blue, Turquoise, Navy, Rust, and Forest Green Inspired by peacock feathers. Whole Peacock Feathers.
02.2 Iris
Leaves and Foliage of Bearded Iris. If only they bloomed longer, those elegant harbringers of true summer. A textural cloth, coordinating well with many things, available only seasonally.
03.1 Pheasant
How rich and varied the feathers of these beautiful birds! An optical challenge to capture, this brown has intriguing depth.
03.2 Turkey Wing
The wild turkey has a subtlety of color which makes it shimmer and shift, depending on the angle of light. This magic is woven into the very fabric of this motif, where deep forest green meets earth brown.
03.5 Fall
The glory of the season's color, woven in thick cotton yarns that are as soft and warm as the hues
04 Berries
Navy, Blue, Purple, and Maroon This color combination blends the juices of blackberries, cranberries, raspberries and blueberries that is always delicious.
07 Silver Sands
Earth tones, light and dark sands Inspired in part from New Mexico
09 Cloud
Grey and Sky Blue The complex textured Midwest sky
11 Cardinal
Red, Rust, Brown, and Grey A pair of cardinals are nesting in my lilac bush. This motif mirrors the feather colors the male. The Brownish red is made more intense by surroundings of green.
14 Gray Agate
The varied and rich hues of this subtle stone, captured in our soft, strong fabric. Handsome and flattering to men and women both
15.2 Bare Limbs - Canopy
Canopy captures the deep Eastern forest in all it's colorful majesty: thick covering of leaves, trunks and branches, glimpses of sky, mosses and lichens, rich forest floor...
15.3 New Leaf
New Leaf is the color of the fresh growth of leaves in the spring. It is a seasonal variation woven on the bare limbs warp
15.5 Bare Limbs - Shadow
The shadows under the branches are reproduced by weaving the bare limbs warp with a black weft.
15.9 Sky Through Branches
The forest branches in winter, against the backdrop of the crisp blue sky.
17 Sea and Sand
The healing color of tropical waters over silver sands at the beach, Sea and Sand is the deep winter's musing of greens and blues...
18.0 Canyon Sedona
Inspired by a panoramic photograph of the grand canyon. The weft yarns tone the view, reflecting different times of the day.
30 Organic Cotton
Organic Cotton is grown without chemicals. The colors are the natural shades that the cotton grows. No dyes have been used, and there has been no bleaching in the processing of the cotton. I am used to having a huge palette of yarn colors to create the motifs. Having only three colors was a challenge. I used size differences, thick yarns surrounded by fine yarns, and interlacing to make three look like seven.
62 Eastern Bluebird, Silk on HGWool
From photos and feathers of the eastern bluebird this was my first try to weave on the Home-Grown Wool 'Wings' warp. I was packing the van for viking festival and on the grass was a bluebird feather dropped to let me know I'd gotten it right. I used a three harness twill for the interlacing. It finishes soft and smooth when it is washed. The wool warp from last year's lambs and the glossy silk weft combine perfectly to mimic plumage..
63 Purple Dragon's Wing, Silk on HGWool
Purple dragons have very soft warm wings. Grey lambs wool on the Home-Grown Wool 'Wing' and purple silk are interlaced in a randomly repeating six harness twill..
64 Vireo, Silk on HGWool
A vireo is a perching bird. Its colors are subtle and blend into the shadows when it is in a tree. You see its olive green, yellow, and blue when it comes out into the light. Woven on the Home-Grown Wool 'Wings' warp with custom-twisted silk yarns to capture the subtlety and shimmer of this elusive bird.