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Our Fabrics

Our cloth is made of 100% cotton.  It is spun and dyed at American mills using a pressure dye system and fiber reactive dyes.  The cloth is washed after weaving in hot water and dried in a hot dryer to minimize the shrinkage of the finished product.

All seams are finished with flatfelled seams and all stress points are reinforced.

Raw, natural silk has been woven into Ruanas and shawls starting in the 2006 fall season.  The silk is washed using ph balanced shampoo and dried in the dryer for easy care.

Organic cotton:  This fiber is grown in shades of beige, apricot, grey green and the familiar natural cream.  The undyed texture is uniquely soft and comfortable.


Wool and silk combination: The warp of this cloth is lambs wool from my own sheep in their natural greys and browns.  I am calling this warp “WINGS” because I am weaving birds wings and butterflies with an occasional dragon and phoenix for fun.  The soft grey wools are the perfect background for the colored glossy silk wefts.  The silk is so fine that I have to use 15 strands to get a thick enough weft to balance the warp.  Using so many strands means I can mix the wing colors to achieve very subtle variations, matching the real feathers and scales.  I am experimenting with unbalanced 6 harness twills so the silk is dominant on one side of the cloth and the wool dominates on the other.  This cloth is very light and drapes beautifully.  I can hardly wait for the weather to turn cold.  Even so the silk and wool has a wider weather window than the wool on wool, being useful when the AC is turned up too high even in summer.

Home-grown Wool:  I have been working on a breeding program with my own sheep since 2001.  I built my mill building in 2003 and did my first run of yarn in 2004.  I have been learning more each year, refining the product through blending fleeces, better fleeces and more focus on softness in the finished yarns.