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What's New "The Wardrobe Game"

My fun project in 2017 is to design and play the wardrobe game.  I want to connect my signature motifs by creating textural solids that coordinate with the various color families I've been weaving for years.

 The jewel tones are the rich saturated colors like peacock, berries, iris, and cardinal.  Barnswallow works here too being mostly navy blue with rust orange accents.  This spring My new apprentice, Emily and I created BLUE FLASH.  By varying the weft, royal, black, turquoise, or purple I can tone the warp to bridge two or more of your favorites.  You could have a royal skirt that you can wea rwith all your blouses.  Or a new purple ruana that goes with your peacock, your iris, and your berries outfits.  A turquoise dress sets off a sea and sands short coat and you can top it with a water peacock square shawl.

The earth tones are the browns, greys, and muted greens represented by the motifs Kestrel, Agate, Canyon and Barnswallow too.  The solid warp I designed is called the GAME BIRDS warp.  It has the ability to blend into the background like the subtile wild turkey or to stand out like a flashy pheasant.  The solid textured warp can be toned to blend with each of the earthy warps using dark green , navy, or rust. The BARE LIMBS  warp is the habitat color that changes with the seasons from sky through branches winter, new leaf spring, canopy summer and autumn leaves fall.

 SILVER SANDS is white but not white.  RAVEN is black but not black.  I've been inspired by the birds plumage to create WHITE WITH BLACK STRIPES, BLACK WITH WHITE STRIPES, and the dynamic THREE GREYS that starts light on one side and transitions to black with white stripes on the other side.  I can weave grey nuthatches or bold striking orioles.  What fun. We are calling this the neutral group but it is anything but dull.

Another grouping is the Light and bright.  My new SUNFLOWER chenille and the fine summer weight cotton warp that is green on one side and transitions through yellow to orange on the other side.  It goes beautifully with new leaf and autumn leaves solids.

Check out the new dresses in the womens section The photo is one of the sunflower variations.  

We are designing a wardrobe game card so you can create a wish list of your new pieces.  Call to chat or meet up with us at the Maryland Renaissance Festival or the Carolina Renaissance Festival and try on the new styles and colors.  More soon,   Margaret